Petra Desert Marathon

7 Sep 2024

Baptism Site, Mt Nebo & Madaba

Explore some of the historical highlights of Jordan
5 Sep | Full day | 130 USD

Prepare for a remarkable day as we explore Jordan's most sacred and historic sites.

Baptism Site: Where History and Faith Converge
Your cultural endeavors of Jordan start after breakfast as you are picked up by our expert tour-guide. We will begin in the enchanting Jordan Valley, where we pay a visit to the legendary Baptism Site. This sacred place is believed to be where John the Baptist once preached and where he baptized Jesus, an extraordinary confluence of history and faith.

Mount Nebo: The Holy Land
Our journey takes us to Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have glimpsed upon the Holy Land before settling in his final resting place. The breathtaking views and spiritual significance of this site are truly spectacular. 

Madaba: A Historic City of Mosaics
We continue towards the historic city of Madaba, renowned for its captivating "Mosaic of Jerusalem" – one of the oldest pictorial representations of the Holy City. If the sky is clear you will have a wonderful view up from the mountain seeing the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Jericho in the other bank of the Jordan River.  

It's an extraordinary excursion where past and present converge, and every step holds a piece of history and spirituality.