Petra Desert Marathon

7 Sep 2024

Petra Kitchen 2023

Cook your own traditional Jordanian meal in a fun, inspiring, and delicious way.
2 Sep | 2.5 hours | 55 USD

In this cooking class, a chef will teach us how to cook a traditional Jordanian meal. Using fresh ingredients and local spices, we will chop, cut, slice, and mix to create a tasty array of soup, salads, appetizers and a main course. Of course, we will all sit down at the end of the class and enjoy our cooking while the chef hands out the full recipes, so we can impress our friends and family at home.

Petra Kitchen is a fun and social way to celebrate the completion of the Petra Desert Marathon and a guaranteed delicious festive dinner - regardless of cooking skills!

The class starts at 17:00 and expected dinner time is around 19:00, which means that you will also be able to join the Petra by Night tour. 

Maximum number of participants is 80.